3 Ways to Use a Laser Engraver to Create Unique Crafts

Manufacturers use industrial laser machines to create anything from complex parts to fragile media items like DVD’s. Their machines are very big, heavy, and expensive. However, suppliers like Boss laser also sell scaled-down versions that have become popular with small business owners and crafters. While not exactly cheap, they are affordable for most customers who want to create items to sell. Some use their lasers for routine business purposes and maximize their value by also creating in-demand, unique crafts. Popular laser-created items include custom glassware, wood gifts, and acrylic ornaments.

Laser Can Personalize Anything Made of Glass

Businesses large and small are now offering custom glassware. Customers order meaningful designs, text, symbols, or numbers and craftsmen etch them onto items. A laser machine actually cuts the glass during the process and creates a sophisticated, beautiful effect. Fortunately, with practice, anyone can learn to create custom glass gifts. Some of the most popular products sold on craft sites include custom wine glasses and glass spice jars that include the names of their contents.

A Laser Will Engrave or Etch Wood

Wood is an ideal surface for laser projects and it can be etched or engraved. Crafters choose the type of wood they want to use and then use a variety of settings to create gifts like wooden keychain holders. Wall mounted keychain holders are very popular and can be created from economical materials like plywood. Some crafters have etched designs into rolling pins so that baked goods are automatically stamped during preparation. A laser can etch word art onto items like shadow boxes or picture frames. Skilled operators can even create wooden puzzles.

Acrylic Is Easily Laser Cut Into Delicate Items

Laser-created acrylic items are in demand because they are delicate and unique. Acrylic ornaments are fairly simple to make with a laser and are easy to personalize. It is also very simple to create acrylic coasters in almost any style imaginable.

Many small business owners and crafters now own personal lasers to create a range of in-demand items. A laser can be used to style elegant etched glass items. Many craftsmen engrave and etch custom wood crafts and some specialize in acrylic pieces.


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