Gentlemen, you have already been peeing into the diam. You enjoyed it as a young child, but now, in the advanced age, any leakage of urine is not desirable. How to prevent this? Do not neglect prevention and at the first manifestations of problems with urinating, go to your doctor. These and other problems can be caused by a naughty organ prostate. Its irritation and swelling can make your everyday life more unpleasant.
Medication or surgeon
If you catch the problems in time, you can avoid any embarrassing in public, but also in bed. The ordinary behaving of medicines can delay the need for many years of surgical intervention, in which the prostate gland should be modified or unperated. Don't let it happen so far, and as long as it goes, don't bother the neighborhood with the unmistakable smell of heated urine, especially when the solution is so easy.