Passion hidden in the wafer

Street Pleasures in the Cornour
Do you love ice cream, but you don't have a choice of one brand that's really the best? Adria Gold is guaranteed to be the best ice cream. Our advertising campaign is very extensive. Includes advertising in professional press such as Hotel and Gastro or HORECA, banner campaign on the portal and even billboard campaign.
Cornour Bliss
For this year our draft ice cream is completely in a new coat. We have improved its recipe and also emphasize the Czech origin of our ice cream. All our blends are gluten free, so the ice cream will really taste to everyone. In total, you can choose from 62 kinds of flavors. These are divided into three product lines. This year's news includes flavors like mango or white grape.
Best Flavor 2012
We also hit last year in the offer, namely the fruit sorbet Acaí.