Relatively low-used design

An interesting option, especially in older apartments in townhouses with classic divided tall windows, is the use of so-called pull-out garters. It is, of course, no new groundbreaking invention, only a rebirth of the older principle. The curtains are most often placed on the carrier rod directly, without the need for rings and flip-floes. This whole bar is then lifted or triggered in a similar way as the blinds, with the difference that we eject here or launch the curtain. If necessary, we will close the window more or less, one device so we can have something in the window like a stained-glass curtain, or a full screen curtain, or, conversely, a completely free window, accessible by undisturbed views from it.
Different possible decors
The cover strips of these withdrawal types are either straight or shaped. Their surface treatment is mostly solved as wood, although sometimes there are no wooden slabs. You can choose from many available decors of these simple but very well-served types of pelmets.